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Tins and Things

Here you can find all the hardware items available from All About Bread

Bread Tins and Baking things
Proofing Baskets Rattan or food grade plastic Professional Quality Bannetons with linen liners. Ideal for sourdough Available in 1.5kgs, 1kgs, 750g sizes Rattan Proofing Baskets
Grants Pan Glazed Bread Tin Available in 1kg, 900g, 680g, 450g, 340g sizes. Lids available to fit 900g, 680g, 450g, 340g tins Range of tins
Kugelhupf Tins Quality tins for home baking
Muffin Trays All About Bread carry a range of muffin trays including mini muffins and Texas Muffin
Cooling Racks for cakes and bread Quality cooling racks including folding models
Flour Scoops A range of sizes of aluminum food grade flour scoops includes 6oz, 12oz, 24oz
Scales Electronic kitchen scales. For accurate weighing in 1 gram increments up to 10kgs. Ultra slim, easy clean surface and 6 year warranty. Available in red, Ivory and Black
Couche Quality linen couche 66cm x 89cm. Retain the shape of proofing doughs for baguettes and battons. The traditional French way to produce that magic crispy bread.

All About Bread carry a wide range of professional quality baking tins that are suitable for use in a domestic oven.Enquiries can be made either at the retail store in Greenwood by email to or telephone 08 9343 4430.

Storage and serving
Flour Bins Flour Storage in food grade All About Bread Flour Bins in either 7 kg capacity or in 15kg capacity. flour Bins
Pantry Moth control Environmentally friendly, chemical and pesticide free trap to place in the pantry A pheromone attracts many species of moth and insect including those that most frequently invade our pantries.
Bread Keepers Keeps loaves fresher for longer. The clear acrylic lets you see at a glance just how much of your loaf is left. The breadbox expands from 17cm to 30cm and shrinks down with the loaf remaining to save space. The lid snaps closed with a magnet, and the handle doubles as an adjustable air vent to keep bread fresh
Pizza and Pasta
Pizza Trays a variety of trays including deep dish pizza
Pizza Stones We stock a range of stones including Barbeque pizza stones (for making pizza in a hooded barbeque
Pizza Cutters and Pizza Peels A range of pizza cutters incl professional rocker cutters.
Adding water to a Bread Machine

Sandwich Tin Loaf

Instructions to use lid

These lids are designed to fit black bread tins. It is very important that the correct amount of dough is used to prevent the dough from oozing out from under the lid, or not filling the tin completely.

680g tin: Make 500g bread mix in bread machine on the dough cycle.
Remove the dough, rest for 10 minutes.
Divide into two equal portions approximately 410g each.
Oil tin and oil the underside of the lid
Place one portion of dough at each end of the tin & slide lid on ¾ the way
along the length of the tin. Allow to double in size.
When the dough is approximately 1.5cm from the top of the tin, slide lid on to closed position.

Bake in oven at 220º Electric for 30 minutes. (200deg for fan forced) 5 minutes before baking is complete remove lid and return to oven to allow steam to evaporate. If the bread appears too light in colour or not completely cooked, return the loaf to the oven for a further 5 minutes. Allow the loaf to cool on cooling rack.

The 900g tin requires 600g breadmix, yeast and water quantities to suit
The 450g tin requires 320g breadmix, yeast and water quantities to suit