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Product/Price as at 25th February 2019

The price list applies only to All About Bread Greenwood and is subject to change without notice. Agents prices may vary.

Mail order is available in parcles of up to 25kgs gross weight peer single parcel

Orders can be placed either by email or by phone and credit card.
Telephone 9343 4430 or email to

  • Delivery costs for Perth Metrpolitan area is $9.00 (to maximum of 25kgs per parcel)
  • Delivery costs for Interstate and country areas are based upon both post code and weight of parcel.

For country and interstate orders, email or phone your proposed order along with your post code for a freight cost quotation to

Based on bag weight, you should obtain the following number of loaves per bag

  • 2KG provides 4 large loaves
  • 5KG provides 10 Large Loaves
  • 10KG provides 20 Large Loaves

Product/Price as at 25th February 2019
The price list applies only to All About Bread Greenwood and is subject to change without notice. Agents prices may vary.

Crusty WhiteA crisp golden crust. Ideal for crusty loaves, French sticks and crusty rolls. Preservative free, soy free.$8.90$18.80$31.50
Supersoft WhiteA medium crust, soft sandwich style white bread with excellent taste.$8.90$18.80$31.50
Hi Fibre WhiteA medium crust soft white sandwich bread, high in fibre (nearly three times standard white). Great for health and taste.$9.10$19.80$33.50
Oat BranA crisp crusted white bread, high in fibre and flavour, assists in cholesterol control. Good for Diabetes$9.10$19.80$33.50
Italian Country OvenThe true deep crusted full flavoured Italian Pasta Dura style bread. Ideal for bread machines or oven baking.$9.30$20.80$34.50
Southern CrossA delightful light sourdough bread$9.90$21.50
Pizza and FoccaciaIdeal crusty base for pizza and foccacia. Crusty finish and resistant to topping ingredient soak.$9.10$19.80
Light WholemealA blend of Premium White and Wholemeal flours for a lighter loaf with higher fibre and volume.8.9018.8031.50
Nature's WholemealA wholemeal with excellent crust and volume.8.9018.80
Rustic WholemealA darker wholemeal with malted wheat overtones.9.3020.80
Lupin LoafA designer loaf to assist weight loss. High protein, High dietary fibre, Very low in carbs, Very filling and Low GI. Tastes as a multigrained wholemeal.10.9025.50
Pizza WholemealPizza Mix blended from Wholemeal and Strong flours.9.10
Crusty MultigrainA light crisp crusted loaf, with tasty and healthy variety of cereal grains.9.1019.8033.50
Country GrainA soft lighty grained bread. Ideal for sandwiches.9.1019.8033.50
German GrainA dark, full flavoured loaf with delicious grain with kibbled rye.9.3020.8034.50
Four SeedA unique flavoured dark bread linseed, sunflower, sesame and poppy seeds.9.3020.80
Purple HarvestA great tasting grained Wholemeal with purple wheat grain & sunflower seeds9.3020.20
Soy and LinseedA great tasting loaf, high in dietary fibre with health benefits.9.3020.8034.50
Chia LoafHigh in Protein, Omega 3, Calcium, Potassium, Iron and Magnesium. A great source of Vitamins A, B12, C, Amino Acids and Antioxidants.9.9021.50
Rye Bread
Light RyeLight in texture and flavour, with full volume.9.1019.80
Bavarian RyeA medium dark rye with excellent eating characteristics.9.3020.8034.50
Ploughman's RyeA blend of wholemeal/dark rye/toasted malt flakes. A traditional Ploughman's lunch. Great with cheese/pickle9.3020.80
Polish RyeA dark rye with poppy, sunflower and linseeds and a hint of sourdough.9.90
PumpernickelA dark rye, dense crumb, the wholesome flavour of rye.9.3020.80
Sourdough RyeA classic European style sourdough bread.9.9022.50
Six Packs
Variety White$16.90
Variety Wholemeal17.90
Grained Low GI$17.90
Rye Lovers$17.90
Fruit Bread 6 pack$19.90
Wheat Alternative 6 pack$26.90
All packs contain 6 x 500 gram individual packs to make 6 X 750 gram loaves together with 6 sachets of yeast. The individual loaf packs within the Six Packs will vary from time to time
Gourmet Breads
Golden PumpkinA well balanced blend of pumpkin, pepitas and herbs for excellent flavour9.90
Italian Country HerbA traditional crusty bread with the full flavoured herbs of the Italian countryside. Machine or Oven baking.9.90
Cheese and OnionParmesan cheese and onion flakes. Bold flavour.9.90
Potato and ChiveA soft textured white sandwich bread with the smoothness of potato enhanced with the flavor of chives9.90
Tuscany TomatoThe taste of Tuscany with a delicious blend of sun dried tomatoes, herbs and spices with a crisp crust9.90
French Garlic For garlic lovers of all ages.9.90
Cootamundra Bush BreadFamous bush bread with roasted ground wattle seed and sunflower seeds.10.90
Sweet and Fruit Breads
Sweet BunBasic sweet breadmix for raisin bread and fruit buns9.1019.80
Old English MaltThe richness of traditional English malt, dark in colour and light in texture. Exceptional taste with fruit added.9.90
Bun Royale The taste of hot cross buns in a raisin bread.9.30
Brioche deal for making rich and buttery, yet light and airy French style Brioche7.50 1KG
Cranberry and CinnamonA sweet crusty Fruit Bread with Cranberries, Cinnamon and Sunflower Seeds.10.90
Wholemeal Fruit Loaf A delightful and nutritious wholemeal Fruit Bread with added spice and fruit.10.90
Breakfast BountyThe ideal starter for the day, buttered or toasted. Full of fruit and grain. Low glycaemic count and high in fibre.10.90
Yeast and Improvers
Yeast 150gPremium Grade French yeast3.50
Yeast Sachets20 X 6 gram yeast sachets in box 5.20
Yeast 500gFermex yeast in 500g vacuum pack 6.90
Fresh Yeast240g blocks. (Keep refrigerated) 4.20
Natural ImproverSoy Free. Natural dough conditioner. Contains Vitamin C, Cereal enzyme, Wheat flour. (contains gluten) For extensibility of dough for excellent volume.120g
Anti Candida YeastSuitable for those people sensitive to yeast. Allergy tested. Suitable for use in a bread machine120g
Diastatic MaltPromotes better fermentation, volume, softer crumb and golden brown crust. (use at 15g per kilo of flour)100g
WonderfreshSoftens the bread crumb and assists in keeping bread fresh for longer without preservatives. Use at the rate of 1 1/2 teaspoon per loaf. 300g$4.90
Premium WhiteA Strong white bread making flour 12% protein.7.1015.8028.50
Wholemeal 100%High protein wholemeal bread flour.7.1015.8028.50
Rye FlourGerman Rye. Dark and ideal for sourdoughs8.3018.80
Rye MealCoarse rye flour, adds texture to breads.8.30
Durum Semolina Fine Durum Semolina suitable for pasta, pizza and dusting 1kg5.10
Plain and Pastry Flour10% protein All purpose flour suitable for pastries and general cooking7.1015.80
Sponge FlourA very light fine flour most suitable for sponges7.90
Organic white and wholemealCertified Organic. High protein. Suitable for loaves, rolls and other bread products10.3022.5040.90
"00" FlourSuitable for pizza and pasta7.10
French Flour T55
A traditional French Flour milled by historic Paris mill. Produces open textured baguettes and rolls.9.9022.10
French Flour T45
A very strong French Flour suitable for recipes with eggs, butter and sugar. Ideal for croissants, brioche, puff pastry, cakes and other pastry flour applications. 10.90
Special Dietary/Wheat Free/Yeast Free
Dinkelbrot White (white spelt breadmix)An outstanding alternative to normal wheat breads with excellent crusting qualities and flavour. Dinkelbrot suits many people with wheat, intolerance. (This mix does not suit those with coeliac disease)14.9034.1061.70
Dinkelbrot Wholemeal (breadmix)Just like its white partner and is 100% meal,higher in fibre and betacarotene14.9034.10
Dinkel Light WholemealA blend of white and wholemeal spelt flours14.9034.10
Dinkel SeedSpelt flour with the addition of poppy, sunflower,sesame and linseed14.9034.10
Dinkel RyeA blend of Dinkel and Rye with excellent flavour,volume and texture14.9034.10
Khorasan Bread MixCreamy loaf. Less complex than Spelt and wheat. White bread with fibre of a wholemeal. Outstanding in vitamins/minerals. A healthy choice. Refer to Khorasan description. (See Ancient Grain as alternative) 15.3036.50
Ancient Grain Crusty WhiteA superb blend of two ancient grains of Khorasan and White Spelt for a crisp crust and excellent crumb for sandwich breads. Suits many people with intolerance of wheat gluten. 15.3036.5065.70
Ancient Grain and SeedA superb blend of Khorasanand Spelt with the addition of Poppy Seed and Linseed15.3036.50
Spelt Flour WhiteIdeal as an alternative to standard wheat flours. Excellent taste texture, crust and crumb. Suitable for many people with wheat intolerance. Also ideal for use with yeast substitutes for breads of outstanding quality13.9032.80 59.50
Spelt Flour Wholemeal
Outstanding bread making qualities. Good crust and crumb with excellent volume 13.90 32.80
Khorasan Flour organicAn ancient and gentle grain with a rich buttery flavour. High in nutritionals. Suits many with a wheat/gluten intolerance 14.7035.10
Guar Gum Xanthan GumVegetable Gum (412) Corn sugar gum 100% pure (415)6.95 5.90
Wheat Alternative Six Pack Six delicious large loaves 6 x 500g individual packs to make 750g loaves, yeast sachets are included26.90
Gluten Free
Amaizing BreadThis bread mix provides a well-structured white loaf and may be suitable for those with intolerance to wheat, gluten, yeast and lactose1.5kg
Gluten Free Sandwich BreadLight bread with excellent rising characteristics,good texture and pleasant taste. Use 350g for 500g loaf or 500g for large 750 gram loaf.1.5kg
Gluten Free Roll and Pizza MixSuitable for shaping by hand. Light fluffy rolls and crusty pizza base. Ideal for Hot Cross Buns 1.5kgs
Banana CakeA delicious and moist banana cake500g$8.65
Sponge MixA light, moist sponge500g $7.50
Muffin MixA light fluffy muffin. Use with a variety of flavours500g$6.50
Chocolate MousseA Most delicious easy to make dessert. Makes a family size bowl250g
Easy CustardGluten free and lactose free, instant patisserie custard300g$6.30
Coconut FlourCertified organic. low carb, use in cakes, muffins, breads, biscuits, pancakes 500g$5.80
Pumpkin Flourideal for soups, muffins, cakes, pies, purees, scones, breads. Gluten free. A small amount goes a long way300g$5.70
Buckwheat FlourRich in Vitamin B and essential fatty acids. Australian grown and milled. Certified gluten free1kg$7.90
Besan Flour (Chick Pea)Gluten free. Low Carbs1kg$9.10
Hi-MaizeMaize based digestive resistant starch to increase fibre in diet. Add to breads, cakes, muffins etc Gluten Free. Add fibre without a change to taste or texture. Lowers glycaemic index and promotes bowel health. 1Kg$12.90
Lupin FlourUsed in baking. Low in carbs, high fibre, high protein, very low GI500g$3.70
Lupin (Kibbled)High fibre, high protein, added texture. 500g$3.70
Gluten Free Plain FlourContains Australian grown Potato starch, Maize starch, Tapioca, Rice Flour. General cooking flour. Preservative free. Recipes on this web site 1kg$9.90
Potato FlakesDehydrated gluten free potato flakes. Simply add water, seasoning for mashed potatoes or soft textured breads. 500g $5.20
Potato StarchIdeal for blending with gluten free flours for outstanding baked products 500g $5.20
Rice FlourAustralian grown gluten free rice flour 1kg 5.60
Tapioca FlourExcellent thickener/binding flour in gluten free baking1kg 6.50
Guar GumRequired in many gluten free recipes6.95
Xanthan GumRequired in many gluten free recipes5.90
Sourdough StarterDried Sourdough extract to be used with flour and water to commence a sourdough culture.$5.95
Diastatic MaltPromotes better fermentation, volume, softer crumb and golden brown crust. (use at 15g per kilo of flour) 100g
Tin sizeLengthWidthHeightWeight of FlourRetail PriceProduct Code
French stick tin 2 channels39cm18cm3cm450g$33.00410
Lids are available for 450g, 680g and 900g tins at $18.50
LameFor slashing dough$5.75
Linen Couche66x89cm$35.90
Natural rattan cane, hand made (natural colour linen liners included)